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My aha moment

The definition of an “aha movement” from the dictionary:
aha moment
:  n. Definition: a sudden understanding, recognition, or resolution; also called [ aha reaction ]  Example: Once she had that aha moment, she knew how to proceed. Etymology: 1939

aha moment bus tour providenceThe aha tour bus sponsored by the Mutual of Omaha Insurance Company, was recently in Providence recording people’s stories about their aha moments. These stories are meant to be amazing, uplifting, inspirational  and allow a glimpse at a pivotal moment in one’s life when we discover the possibility of something more.

I was asked to share my story of starting Kidoinfo – using social media to connect parents with their community. May aha moment was realizing the power of this collaboration makes Kidoinfo a place for many voices not just mine. Thank you all for making Kidoinfo what it is today.

Listen to more aha moments recorded in Providence.

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