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Naming a baby after a season? Here’s a survey about that.

As we enter Autumn 2020, more parents than ever are naming children after the seasons. While names like Summer are popular (78,000 since 1879), others like Sakura (1,000 since 1879) which is a Japanese Cherry Blossom, offer expecting parents more unique options.

Names.org released a list of the 128 Favorite Baby Names Inspired By The Seasons in 2020 after surveying more than 5,000 site users in the U.S. and around the world from July through October 1, 2020.

The two-part survey first asked site users to suggest their favorite names inspired by the seasons.  Then, all names were circulated to respondents to answer if they liked or disliked each suggested name.

After analyzing the results, we are reporting the 128 favorite names currently trending in 2020 along with the meaning of each name.


Here are the top 20:

1)      Summer

2)      Autumn

3)      Winter

4)      June

5)      August

6)      Spring

7)      Snow

8)      April

9)      Blossom

10)  Fall

11)  Sunshine

12)  Daisy

13)  Aurora

14)  Bloom

15)  Rose

16)  Hazel

17)  Snowy

18)  Autum

19)  May

20)  Rosie

Visit the site for more information.

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