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New books for Hanukkah

Note: Kidoinfo.com generally provides information about local events, products, and services but occasionally we receive information that we think can be helpful to our readers even though it is not local. This is one of those articles. 

Kar-Ben Publishing announces the release of four new titles celebrating Hanukkah:

Dreidel Day
By Amalia Hoffman
Ages 1-4; Grades PreK-1
A sweet and playful kitty encourages the reader to count to eight to celebrate Hanukkah. Readers will love finding and counting hidden surprises in each illustrated spread that reference the especially-Hanukkah-apropos numbers one through eight.
BB: 978-1-5415-0245-1 $5.95
12 pages; 6 ½ x 6 ½


Light the Menorah: A Hanukkah Handbook
By Jacqueline Jules, illus. Kristina Swarner
Ages 4-10; Grades PreK-5
A manual for the contemporary Jewish family, including brief contemporary-themed “reflections” for each night of Hanukkah as well as holiday history, rituals, activities, songs, and recipes. This book provides tools for creating meaningful family moments in the light of the menorah.
HC: 978-1-5124-8368-0  $18.99
PB: 978-1-5124-8369-7  $8.99
40 pages; 9 ¼ x 11

Crayola Hanukkah Colors
By Robin Nelson
Ages 4–9; Grades PreK–3
Vivid photos, engaging text, Crayola® colors, and a reproducible coloring page introduce readers to the colors, symbols, and traditions of Hanukkah, from menorahs to latkes. Readers will love this photo-driven book about a popular holiday.
*Published by Kar-Ben’s parent company, Lerner Publishing
HC: 978-1-5415-1096-8 $27.99
PB: 978-1-5415-2749-2 $6.99
32 pages; 10 x 8 ¾


My Family Celebrates Hanukkah
By Lisa Bullard, illus. Constanza Basaluzzo
Ages 5-8; Grades PreK-2
Spin the dreidel! Eat some latkes! Learn all about why people celebrate Hanukkah through bright illustrations, recall questions, and charming text. Extend learning with photos in the back matter.
*Published by Kar-Ben’s parent company, Lerner Publishing
HC: 978-1-5415-2006-6 $27.99
PB: 978-1-5415-2741-6 $7.99
24 pages; 9 x 9

All photos provided by Kar-Ben Publishing.

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