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New Column: Thinking Moms

Thinking Moms is a new column at Kidoinfo. We believe Thinking Moms are smart strong women who know how to juggle, whether they always feel they do it well or not. They juggle kids, households, husbands, careers, hobbies, and time to, well, just think. Thinking Moms have ideas of their own beyond what’s the best brand of diapers and how to soothe a teething child. Although Thinking Moms may feel their thinking caps are a bit rusty or underused following the birth of their first, second, or more kids, we believe with a little exercise you can get your groove back. We know our readers are filled with Thinking Moms.

We invite you to contribute your ideas on any subject to Kidoinfo. Contact Anisa at Kidoinfo to submit your comments, thoughts, ranks or raves for posting on Thinking Moms.

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  • I hope this is the type of topic that fits this section.

    There are a lot of businesses for children in the area-gyms, music, art, etc. I live in a neighborhood filled with kids and stay at home or part time working parents. There’s a yoga class for kids and individual music lesson, but aside from that the only other children’s activity available is an every other week story time at the library, which brings in about 30 or more families.

    There’s a fabulous new playground in the neighborhood, but in terms of classes for children, there really aren’t any.

    If any of you are looking for a place to start a child’s business (music, art, gym, etc-not childcare) consider Edgewood/Pawtuxet Village in Cranston/Warwick. We could definitely use something geared towards little ones.

  • I think this is an awesome idea, Anisa! It will be great to read the wisdom and advice from Moms to keep in mind when the time comes for me to be a Mom (of human kids)! 😉

    Jane, Pinks & Blues Girls

  • I’m sure I will enjoy reading this column and may even contribute. But I have to say I have a slight problem with the notion of a “thinking mom”, even though I know exactly what you are getting at. It just implies that there are other mothers who are “non-thinking moms”, and of course that’s not true. I liked salon.com’s “Mother’s Who Think” column which was eventually turned into a book, but that title always irked me too.