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New look for a new year – at home.

After the putting away the holiday decorations–the house seems dark without all the twinkle lights–I feel the urge to reorganize, rearrange and make simple changes at home. For inspiration I visit some of my favorite design blogs; designsponge, apartmenttherapy, and decor8blog.

For this year’s post-holiday project I plan to repaint my living room. A project I have wanted to do for awhile but never seemed to get around to. Repainting a room before kids never seemed like a big deal, but now finding big blocks of time to do a project like this seems rare. My boys’ upcoming scout sleep provides me the perfect opportunity. Today I had a fun color consultation with friends over brunch and settled on a lovely blue gray color – big change from my white walls.

And after looking at some of the before and after pics on the apartment therapy web site and reading contributing writer Elyse Major’s tips on how to redo a room I am ready to make the change.

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  • Our living room is going to be the last room painted. When we moved in everything was primer white, and 7 years later, three rooms (including the living room) are STILL primer white. It’s such a hard room to tackle with little ones around. On the other hand, I don’t much care when my toddler colors on the walls, since they’ll get painted some day. 😉

    Have fun! I love adding color. The living room is destined to be a sagey green with a red pepper trim (picking up on colors we’ve used in the dining room and kitchen, respectively), if we ever get around to it.

  • hi anisa! i painted my living room a grey-blue and love it! it makes the coolest neutral and looks wonderful with so many colors so you can be as fickle as you want to be! good luck, play music, get take-out, have fun! xo