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New Mural at Washington Square Park Community Library Attracts Young Readers

I am a big fan of public murals: besides providing free public art outside for all to see, the process of making the mural can bring together a community watching the artist create the art and connecting with fellow neighbors and onlookers.


Literary Theme Inspired by “No, David!” and Other Popular Children’s Books.

There’s a stunning new mural at Washington Park Community Library, courtesy of a talented team of artists from AS220 Youth. The mural features a colorful fantasy landscape filled with characters from children’s literature, all of which have special significance for the Washington Park community. Based on ideas from staff and patrons, the mural is the product of hours of sketching and drafting by the AS220 Youth team.
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AS220 Youth Staff John Bhogal and Nick Carter, apprentice Eric Ramos and Youth members Ariel Brito and Ysanel Torres started work on the design at the beginning of May and took about three weeks to complete the project. “They did an amazing job” said Washington Park librarian Dylan Little. “It has been incredible listening to the responses of our patrons, both young and old. I’ve already seen people stop and take pictures of the mural.” The goal was to pay homage to the great tradition of Broad Street murals and to raise the visibility of the library in the Washington Park neighborhood. Sue Gibbs, Providence Community Library’s Business Director and Laura Marlane, PCL’s Executive Director, were influential in getting the project approved by the City.

There’s no question that children approve of the library’s new feature. “A lot of our younger readers especially love to see the character from “No, David!” commented Little, referring to David Shannon’s best-selling book series.  The mural also features Washington Park Library’s popular “farting dinosaur,” a giant, green papier mache model with an in-built sound machine that inspired more than 130 local children to read five books or more during the library’s 2013 summer reading program.

For more about Providence Community Library, including the Washington Park branch, visit www.provcomlib.org.

For more about AS220 Youth, visit http://youth.as220.org/.

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  • Wonderful article on the Washington Park mural by the talented,
    young AS220 artists, Anisa. Thanks for your continuing patronage,
    support and advocacy for our community libraries. Keep up the good work!