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New Music for Kids: European Playground

By Katy Killilea

european_playground__web_3The CDs in Putumayo displays always look so quirky and appealing–and that’s a problem. They all look so right that it’s hard to choose one, so I’ve always chosen nothing, until this: European Playground. Putumayo Kids promotes this collection as “a fun-filled musical tour of Europe,” and with fifteen countries represented, it’s quite a trip.

This is not a collection of saccharine kiddie music nor is it the traditional folk music I was expecting with a cringe. Instead, it’s as if each nation’s Dan Zanes had stepped up to perform. Since the collection includes artists from Hungary to Finland to Ireland, it’s a diverse lot of songs, all of them fun. On the rainy day that I first put the CD on,  children immediately started to dance. It really brightened up the day! And listening to my kids try to rap in French or sing along in any language they don’t speak is now one of my favorite pastimes.

The details:

Putumayo Kids Presents: European Playground
$14.98 May 2009
Putumayo Kids

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