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New PJs to Love

Alien PjsI adore seeing my kids in their pajamas–preferably 100 percent cotton or fleecy and definitely soft–ready to curl up with me at the end of the day to read and share stories. We recently received a pair of Hatley PJs and they quickly became bedtime favorites. Moreover, they satisfy our PJ requirements: 100 percent super-soft cotton (even after being washed and dried) and available in fabulous patterns (ours have aliens). I know how they look should not matter as much as how they feel and wear, but I admit to being picky about designs and colors (it’s the designer in me, I can’t help it), and finding pajamas for boys without sports or spooky motifs is hard. These PJs have fun themes such as mermaids, fish, frogs, bears in more colors than just blue and pink. Happy to say, Hatley has adorable pajamas for both boys and girls (size 2-7).

The Details: Hatley’s children’s pajamas are 100 percent cotton, super-combed for softness and comfort. $27.00 for 2-piece set. Available online at Hatley,com.

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  • hanna andersson and garnet hill long-john style pjs are very soft (and are often on sale!) these are the things they outgrow and then i want to cry. i love a kid in flashy long johns.

  • I just got some through the Sierra Trading Post website. That’s a discount catalog and so they were on there for $10 (if I remember right).

    I also second the Rugged Bear recommendation. If you buy a few sizes too large they won’t be snug fitting (my kid doesn’t like snug fitting).

  • Try the Rugged Bear’s all cotton PJ’s, too. Their sole RI location is at Garden City. We just bought our second pair and they are lovely (especially on sale, through Weds., 30% off!). Sturdy but very soft cotton, cute prints, and sizes from toddler to big kid. Full disclosure – I’m an ex employee – and their clothes really are great and made to last.