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Creativity Initiative at Providence Children's Museum

New surreal exhibit by Pneuhaus at the Providence Children’s Museum

The newest exhibit at the Providence Children’s Museum, called Air Is There, is a surreal environment unlike any other that invites children and adults to learn by touch and curiosity.

The exhibit, part of the Museum’s three-year Creativity Initiative, is designed by Pneuhaus, a Providence-based design collective, and remains open until December 4.

Pneuhaus themselves will run special workshops on Saturday, October 12, 2019, from 11:00 am–Noon and 1–2 pm, and Friday, November 15, 2019, from 5:30 – 7:30 pm, during MetLife Free Friday.

About Air is There

It is easy to look past the air we move through every day. The newest installation by Pneuhaus reminds us that air is nothing short of extraordinary. Through inflatable sculptures and hands-on learning stations, visitors will be invited into a new experience of air as a building material and physical force in an immersive, interactive environment.

The centerpiece of the show is Catenary, a large inflatable sculpture that invites children to live and play in its root-like arches. Museum goers can continue their investigation at play stations throughout the exhibit as they make their own constructions with Pneuhaus’ signature toy system Pnodes.

Pneuhaus is a group of designers, engineers, and artists known for large inflatable sculptures, like Pnit, that appear all over Providence. They create spatial designs, temporary structures, contemporary art, and large-scale immersive environments designed to be joyful and inspiring.

“We are so excited to host Pneuhaus and bring their innovative vision to children.” said PCM’s Executive Director, Caroline Payson. “We hope their ingenious, cutting-edge work will inspire a whole new generation and open their minds to the possibilities of creative design.”

About the Creativity Initiative

The Creativity Initiative is a three-year, museum-wide project, which began in the summer of 2019. The project galvanizes Rhode Island’s creative community in service of all children. The Initiative includes a series of temporary exhibits encouraging local makers to design spaces that will build creative confidence and problem-solving skills by actively engaging the Museum’s visitors and their families.

As part of the Creativity Initiative, the Museum team has built a new Innovation Lab, where guests engage with real tools and materials, and updated the Maker Studio, which hosts discovery and maker-based programs, both encouraging guests to get creative themselves. Visitors may also discover creative artifacts, provided by guest curators and regional arts organizations, filling the Museum with local art and design.

The brand-new Innovation Lab and Maker Studio will host activities and programs throughout the fall tied to the exhibit and designed to inspire creativity in both children and adults.

About Pneuhaus

Pneuhaus is an interdisciplinary art and design collective specializing in immersive installations that draw on the science of optics to exhibit nature’s principles to dreamlike effect. Driven by a lifelong shared fascination with experiential phenomena and a passion for making, the group develops elegant methods, materials and environments to re-imagine natural structures and the dynamics of light to build dazzling spaces and sculptures.

With backgrounds in both fine art and architecture, Pneuhaus creates spaces for people to gather in delight, play, and share an experience of wonder. Based in Providence, Pneuhaus has built more than 25 publicly commissioned works in contemporary urban environments.

About Providence Children’s Museum

The mission of Providence Children’s Museum is to inspire and celebrate learning through active play and exploration. Hands-on, play-based exhibits and programs explore arts, culture, science, technology, engineering, and math and foster children’s cognitive, social, emotional, and physical development. The Museum welcomes children and adults of all backgrounds and from all communities and creates a safe and welcoming environment to celebrate and encourage creativity and increase awareness of the ways in which children and families learn.

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