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New Years Resolutions

TO DO by Knock Knock

Okay, it’s New Year’s again — time to make my resolutions or check how I did with last year’s. And this year I am blogging about it. One of the advantages of publishing a blog is once this is posted I know I won’t lose my list and knowing others will read it may help keep me on task.

My list of 2008 New Year’s Resolutions is really a list of personal and professional goals. The key to success, according to the experts, is to make a plan on how to accomplish your objectives. (I think some of these experts had dependable childcare or didn’t have kids.)

– Do work that is creative, inspires me and is useful to others
– Make a To-do list every day and use it
– Learn at least one new technology this year
– Never leave more than 10 emails in my inbox

– Read to my kids every day
– Be mindful of our planet and its resources
(Recycle, Reuse, Reduce what we use. Clichéd but true)
– Stay on top of domestic chores (Well the laundry is clean, just not always folded)
– Find an exercise plan that fits my lifestyle
Don’t eat chocolate. Eat less chocolate. Eat dark chocolate
– Drink less coffee
– Be thankful for good friends and family

It may be helpful to share all or just some of your resolutions with your kids. Ask them if they want to make their own resolutions. This could be a valuable opportunity to teach your children about values and goal setting. Click comments to share your resolutions or tips on how to accomplish them.

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