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Oldest Rhode Island Montessori School hosts East Providence Mayor

By Ocean State Montessori School

Today Mayor Bob DaSilva visited Ocean State Montessori School to meet with students and learn about the oldest Montessori school in Rhode Island, located up the street from City Hall on Grove Avenue.

Upper Elementary students in sixth grade served as ambassadors for the visit, giving the Mayor a personal tour and explaining how Montessori schools work and what makes them different from traditional schools.

“Our goal was to show the Mayor and the City of East Providence what our nurturing approach to academic excellence looks like,” said Amy Andrews, Head of School. “Here at Ocean State Montessori, we focus on more than student achievement. We make our community wellbeing a priority, with daily reminders to be safe and respectful. An important part of our school’s mission and vision is to develop each child’s full potential as a collaborative and self-directed learner who will grow to become an engaged citizen of the world.”

Practical life is one of the core content areas of the Montessori curriculum with daily lessons in appropriate social interactions and authentic work and life experiences that help children connect with their community, said Andrews. The Mayor’s visit provided OSMS students with a memorable practical life experience as he genuinely engaged with the students, discussed why he became Mayor and extended an invitation for them to continue the conversation on a tour of City Hall.

About Montessori Education

Montessori education is trusting the child’s ability to learn. The method harnesses a student’s natural desire to master new skills and supports the growth and development of the whole child. The cognitive, social, emotional and physical needs of each individual are considered and, when children’s needs are met, they can truly flourish.

In Montessori education, this is all accomplished by providing students with carefully prepared classrooms and learning materials designed to meet their developmental needs. The effectiveness of the approach is evident in the cultivation of socially adept children who consistently exhibit independence, self-esteem and a lifelong love of learning.

About Ocean State Montessori School

Located in East Providence, Rhode Island, the Ocean State Montessori School offers Montessori programs for children in preschool through sixth grade, as well as extended day programs and vacation and summer camps. Founded in 1973, we are the oldest Montessori school in Rhode Island.

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