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Paper Bats and More!

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When my kids were toddlers, I found they didn’t like to sit at the table very long while eating their food. And usually one of them was bound to be fussy about something. When they were young, my husband worked late and we had not started having family dinners yet, so I was I always looking for new ways to make mealtime a bit more fun. Sometimes I would draw on a chalkboard, tell them a story, or a do a project like making these bats. I like to make things — in fact, sometimes this was more for me to have a creative outlet — but since it helped pass the time with fewer tantrums, it benefited all of us. Now my kids are older and prefer to be much more part of the process with these projects.

Make Paper Bats, Moons, and Stars

This is a simple Halloween craft for kids that’s based on snowflakes cut out of folded paper. If your kids are too young to use scissors, it’s fun for you to do while they can watch.
Supplies: Construction paper (8.5 x 11), scissors, pencil
How-to: Download Bat or Moon templates and use them to trace their outline on colored paper or fold a piece of colored paper in half and cut out your own bat, moon, or star. Fold bat, moon, or star shape in accordion pleats and cut out small shapes. Sometimes I found folding and cutting one area and then folding and cutting another area worked well rather than folding the whole shape at once. Unfold and you are done! Experiment and have fun!

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