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Parenting Does not Have to be Hard: John Rosemond speaks at South Kingstown High School on Oct. 7

RosemondFlyerAugust18BAs much as I’m an avid reader of all genres of writing, I have only really read two parenting books in my 9+ years of motherhood. One was when I was in the throes of sleep deprivation and looking for a way to get my infant to sleep through the night; the other when my two-year old was the single. worst. toddler. in. the. universe. and I really needed to get her tantrums under control.

But lately, as my family enters tweens-ville, I’ve been thinking maybe I need to grab onto some research-backed advice – and fast!

So I’ve been seeking some validation and counsel from the blog of nationally-known family psychologist and best-selling author John Rosemond, www.parentguru.com. He says things like this:

“Struggle is not a bad thing… it can be very growth-producing.”
“Are sports more important than someone’s character?”
And my favorite: “Obedient children are not an accident of biology.” Pure genius in that statement, I tell ya. Pure genius.

Most of his thoughts really resonate with me. So I decided to check out some of his books and, to my surprise, I felt like I had just met my new best friend that will help guide me through the next stage of my kids’ lives!

You see, infancy and toddlerhood were incredibly exhausting and trying times for me as a person. The last few years have been like the second trimester of pregnancy – I’m over the proverbial morning sickness and the baby’s not that big yet (or kicking my organs every 3 minutes) – and I know middle and high school bring a new set of concerns and fears. “Big kids, big problems” is what I remember one friend saying about her teenagers and young adults. That stuff scares me!

So I urge you all to find your parenting guru: someone who will help guide you through the topics and issues unique to your personal parenting stage and style. It’s not easy trying to navigate the murky waters of parenthood alone!

John Rosemond will be speaking at South Kingstown High School on Tuesday, October 7 at 7:00pm. Click here to learn more.

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