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I’ve been thinking a lot about new beginnings lately. Maybe it’s all of the change that Fall brings, or the way the cooler, darker weather invites introspection, but I’ve been thinking about what families need in order to have a fresh start.Whenever I bring together a new Simplicity Parenting Group as I did recently at Meadowbrook Waldorf School, the first conversation we have is always about Values.  I ask the group to fast forward ten or twenty years and picture their children grown.  You can try this, too…

Imagine meeting your adult children for lunch, sitting down with them and having a wonderful conversation.  What do you hope they will be like?  What do you hope they will care about?  What kind of people do you hope they will turn out to be?

Very naturally, a list of values begins to form.  Values that represent your family’s moral compass, but also the way you want to be in the world.  I encourage families to capture all of these values on a big poster.  This is where the conversation starts.

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For spouses who feel they’re no longer on the same page, for single parents feeling overwhelmed, for families with older children starting to drift, reconnecting to values is where the conversation starts.  Your family’s own unique values will be the touchstone to get back to when you feel lost, and–this is the really cool part–they will also hold the key to “fixing” whatever you think is wrong with your family life.  But first, you must start the conversation.

Let’s inspire each other and share our values in the comments below!!


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