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Pengoloo: A fun memory game for kids

By Katy Killilea


Pengoloo offers further proof that my memory has turned into pudding. But it does so in a completely nonthreatening way.  Penguins in this game have the most benign Wallace & Gromit-ty gazes, and all of the playing pieces are chunky and wooden, and very nice to handle.pengolooegg1

In this twist on the Memory Game, players take turns rolling two wooden dice, each side printed with a colored dot. Lift up any wooden penguin to reveal the colored egg it’s been perched upon. If the egg matches a color you rolled, that penguin (with his egg once again tidily ensconced in his bottom) moves over to your iceberg.  If you are thinking about what time the post office opens or if you’ll be able to email your boss before dinner, you will lose very quickly. If you’re able focus all of your mental powers on the directionality of the beaks, you might be able to give a preschooler a run for their money.

The details:
Pengoloo from Blue Orange Games
Ages 4+
2-4 players
10-15 minutes to play
Retail: $30

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