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Photography by Krzystyna Harber Photography

Boys at the Park by Krzytyna Harber Photography

Every year since our sons were born, we hang a new photo of each of them on a wall in our house; I love to look back and see how much they have grown and changed. The boys recently turned seven and this year’s wall photos were taken by Krzystyna Caldarone of Krzystyna Harber Photography. What I love about Krystyna’s photography is her attention to detail, her use of natural environments as a backdrop, and her ability to make her subjects feel at ease–a true skill when the model is under the age of eight–which enables her to get a perfect shot or series of shots that captures the spirit of your child. My favorite photos of my children are often the ones that do not feel staged or posed but that reflect who they are at that moment in time–since they change so quickly.

Our photo shoot took place at one of favorite neighborhood spots, Lippitt Park at the intersection of Blackstone Boulevard and Hope Street. Krzystyna had the boys play and pose all in locations throughout the park–including a fabulous art deco fountain (that hopefully will work again thanks to efforts of the SNA Save the Fountain committee), an amazing half-dead tree that resembled a piece of sculpture, and on the domed green jungle gym that may be replaced by new state-of-the-art equipment but for now remains as a signature retro piece in the center of the playground.

After a photo shoot that lasted about an hour, we ended up with a series of photos we will treasure forever and that serve as a reminder of this ever-changing magical time in the boys’ lives. And looking back at this series of photographs will bring back memories of endless hours spent playing at this park with friends and family.Boys at park2
A few weeks after the photo shoot, Krzystyna gave us a CD of images and a private link to view the complete photo shoot online. This made it easy for us or other relatives to order photos in color, black-and-white, and sepia tone in any size and have them delivered.

Krzystyna takes photos of newborns, kids, weddings, and special occasions. I highly recommend having newborn photos taken. If possible, schedule a photo shoot within the first two weeks of your child’s life to capture the amazing newness of a baby who still spends much of his or her time curled in a fetal position and whose skin is still wrinkled. We had photos taken shortly after our boys were born and adore them.

If you’re pregnant or know an expectant mother, consider registering for a newborn photo shoot (along with pre-made meals) instead of an abundance of unneeded new baby clothes.

The Details:

Krzystyna Caldarone:
Krzystyna Harber Photography
Location: 97 Holden Street, Providence, RI
Phone: 401.751.5925
Email: kharberphoto@cox.net
Website: www.kharberphoto.com

A standard photo shoot takes place at the gallery/studio where Krzystyna takes indoor shots and then everyone walks to a garden around the corner.
Cost: $125, including a CD or proofs. Bonus: Business size play date cards.

Custom location photo shoots
(at the beach, client’s home, etc.): $250, including a CD or proofs.
Business-sized play date cards are 2-sided black and white photo cards with your name and phone number.

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  • It is wonderful to see families appreciating what childhood photography really should be about. . . . the emotions and feelings that family brings, not just the physical documentation of it.

  • Krzystyna rocks! I agree with Anisa…she’s so great at capturing who your child is…not just the pose. I love all her photos and check out her Providence Pin-up stuff…yummy!