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2008 Craft Exchange

I have participated in a variety of cookie exchanges over the years where the same basic rules apply; bake your favorite kind of holiday cookie, bring prepared bundles to exchange with the other invited guests and in the end you come home with a variety of homemade holiday treats to enjoy or give away for gifts.

This year I participated in a Craft Exchange with a few of my fellow artsy, entrepreneurial female friends. Thanks to the suggestion and organization by Ilira from Rag and Bone Bindery, we turned our usual monthly gathering–where we share business strategies, advice, friendship and food–into a Holiday Craft Exchange. We invited a few new women to join us. The rules were to bring unwrapped handmade gifts (same number of craft items as invited guests, minus yourself) with a retail value under $25 to swap with with everyone else. We dined over delicious desert and elegant beverages, did our usual business sharing and exchanged our handmade crafts. We were a bit giddy over all the cool stuff. We shared “how-to’s” and learned a bit more about each other and the crafts.

Holiday shopping without spending a dime except for our supplies. We have decided to make this a holiday tradition and maybe have a swap more than once a year. Plan your own cookie or craft swap and tell us how it goes!

Craft Exchange

This year’s particiapnts: Anisa (Kidoinfo), Ilira (Rag and Bone Bindery), Chris (Red Chair Studio), Micki (Micki Whelan Studio), Leah (Emmaline Deisgns) and Wendy (former director of Fresh Arts)

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    So jealous! The loot looks awesome!

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