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Playground Hopping

By Elyse Major

I always enjoy when very ordinary things are elevated with fancy or catchy names. IMG_0302For example, I still chuckle remembering how the caterer for my wedding included cucumber rounds topped with a salmon mousse among his lowest cost hors d’oeuvres menu offerings. Of course, the rounds were simply cucumber slices. Brilliant!

On the most recent of our seemingly frequent school breaks, I didn’t want to spend much money on special day trips, even movies. I had just done that weeks ago during our last break. I decided that my boys and I would do something ordinary but that I would give it an appealing name: Playground Hopping.

Each day after lunch, my boys and I visited different playgrounds. True Playground Hopping is to visit at least two or more playgrounds in one day. Most areas have more than a few playgrounds within a short radius, making this very possible without much drive time.

Provided below are some Playground Hopping tips:

  • Tired of the same old playground? Try hopping elementary school playgrounds. After school hours these compact areas are free of crowds and are generally well-kept. Some have swings, others have see-saws, even painted games on the blacktop.
  • Bring a ball. Many playgrounds have basketball nets. It’s worth a shot.
  • Try to get some friends to join in. Having another parent to chit-chat with will make hopping more fun if you’re not the type to run around and play.
  • Multi-task: Had enough play but your kids are still having fun? Pack a trash bag and use your quiet time to clean out the car, go through receipts, read a book.
  • Enjoy a treat together in-between playgrounds whether it’s something you have packed or a stop at someplace like Del’s Lemonade.

Playground Hopping is a real back-to-basics good time where you and your children can spend time together without spending money.

Elyse Major divides her time between being a mostly stay-at-home mom, communications consultant, tinkerer, blogger and online seller. Elyse’s efforts are cheered on by her husband and two boys in northern RI. Elyse is featured in both the May and June issues of Romantic Homes magazine. Visit her blog at http://tinkeredtreasures.blogspot.com

Photo credit: Two boys with their Aunt at India Point Park.

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  • I had you and your article in mind this past weekend as my family and I playground hopped. My three year old now loves your term, playground hopping. Thanks for sharing.

  • My son and I love doing this. It’s a great way to meet new people and get to know a new area! Thanks, Elyse!

  • “Playground Hopping is a real back-to-basics good time where you and your children can spend time together without spending money.”

    So true! And what a great opportunity to meet new people. There are always so many interesting people at the playground… for mamas AND kids.

  • Great idea! My area is rife with playgrounds, but we tend to get stuck on the same one. You’ve given us something to do this weekend! Thanks!

  • our family loves playground hopping. we’ve been in coventry for almost 5 years and still haven’t been to all them yet. such fun!