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Poksak: A Reusable Shopping Bag Helps Fund Education for Orphans

PoksakPoksak is a Rhode Island-based social venture that sells pouchable, reusable tote bags in an effort to fund college scholarships for foster children and raise environmental awareness. This week running Monday, March 15 through Sunday March 21, 2010 Poksak has teamed up with Mothers Acting Up (MAU) and Kidoinfo to bring concerned mothers the Power of the Reusable Bag Action Week.

Wanting to find a way to help underprivileged youth gain access to better education, Karen de Bruin a French Professor at the University of Rhode Island and family members Andre and Estelle de Bruin co-founded the social venture, Poksak. By making an environmental friendly, versatile, reusable tote bag the company gives back to the community–helping the environment while supporting the Orphan Foundation of America and local business. The company hopes to enlarge its community through selling its products in small to large academic settings, as well as, co-branding with large companies or organizations that love the poksak and fully support the cause of sending orphans to college.

Poksak’s greatest fans have been schools, mothers, and children. By selling poksaks, schools can contribute to higher education. For each bag sold at $3.99, Poksak donates 25 cents to a scholarship fund that allots scholarships of up to $6000 to qualified orphans. The first scholarship is being awarded in June 2010. Fun for kids, they can stuff the bags back into the cute pouches and then trade them with their friends. Mothers can use them for every day errands; easily store in a briefcase, pocket and purse, and are thus less likely to be forgotten when an extra bag is needed.

Poksak dispenser at Lovebugs in ProvidencePoksaks dream is to come full-circle, meaning that it would eventually like to become an international company, have all of its products made from recycled materials and it would like to not only help orphans go to college, but to hire orphans for jobs and internships.

Buy poksaks locally in Rhode Island at the following locations purchase online at www.poksak.com

– South County Montessori School in Wickford
– Goddard School in South Kingstown
– Bliss Cafe in Newport
– The Secret Garden in Jamestown
– The Narragansett Bike Shop in Narragansett
- Newport Athletic Club
– Jamestown Designs, Jamestown
– Le Petit Gourmet, Newport
– Little Friends Farm, Middletown
– LoveBugs, Providence
– KinderArt, Newport

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