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Pools + Water parks

WaterparkSwimming pools and water parks in Providence opened yesterday for the summer. Staffed with highly trained Department of Recreation life guards and counselors, they are a great place to cool off in the city with your kids. Open seven days a week, noon to 5 pm.

Swimming pool locations

– Davey Lopes Recreation Center, 227 Dudley St.
– Selim Rogers Recreation Center, 60 Camden St.
– Joslin Recreation Center, 17 Hyat St.
– Neutaconkanut Recreation Center, 675 Plainfield St.
– West End Recreation Center, 109 Bucklin St.
– Zuccolo Recreation Center, 18 Gesler St.

Water park locations
– Cabral Park, next to Vartan Gregorian School in Fox Point
– Pleasant Street Park, on Pleasant Street, off N. Main Street
– Richardson Park, at the intersection of Prairie Avenue and Richardson Street
– Harriet and Sayles Park, at Harriet and Sayles streets
– Fargnoli Park, Smith Street at Jastram Street
– Sackett Street Park, on Sackett, across the street from Sackett Street School

For additional information, contact the Department of Recreation at (401) 421-7740, x323.
Red Cross has General Water Safety Tips that will help you stay safe in, on, and around the water!

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