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Portrait by Julie Gearan  Julie Gearan is a painter who moved with her family to Providence five years ago, after a number of years in Chicago. She was looking for a small city that is dedicated to the arts where she could raise her children in a relaxed, kid-friendly environment. Julie’s paintings focus on figurative narratives inspired by observations of the outside world and how they are mirrored in or collide with her domestic life. Juggling her fine art studio work and her commissioned painting (murals, portraits, and decorative work) with teaching and raising children has been a huge but not unforeseen challenge. “I always knew that trying to have a vibrant art career and a rich family life would be hard. Patience and flexibility are not natural gifts of mine, but I am learning that they are key ingredients in managing this kind of life. I guess any mom finds this to be true, doesn’t she?”

Julie, who holds a Masters in Fine Art, studied and taught in Italy and has shown her work nationally. She is currently building a portfolio of children’s portraits and hopes to spend more time on commissioned portrait work rather than the larger murals she has done over the years to supplement her gallery sales. “Working on canvas in the studio rather than high up on scaffolding is appealing to me. More importantly, I want to have my commissioned work be more meaningful and portraiture is so wonderful in that regard.”

The process of commissioning a portrait is fairly simple. The artist meets with the client and the subject and either takes photographs or if the client already has high quality photos, she can work with those, if desired. Depending on the size and complexity of the painting, a price is determined (approximately $800 to $2,000) and a deadline is set (usually between 1-3 weeks). A family portrait painted by Julie Gearan makes a lovely holiday, anniversary, or birthday gift that will become a family heirloom treasured for many years to come.

More about Julie Gearan:
– Fine Art Paintings: www.juliegearan.com
– email: jgearan@yahoo.com
– phone: 401-447-0521
– studio location: Providence, Rhode Island

Tell Julie you read about her here and she will donate 10% of your commissioned portrait sale to help support Kidoinfo.

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