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Pouf the Magic Diaper Bag: The Dante Beatrix Pouf Bag

Baby Pouf Sandpewters Front-1

By Maura Keating

Bags and shoes. They are a girl’s real best friends. Whether it’s a bad hair day or a bad hair year, if your pre-pregnancy jeans still don’t fit or if Baby just spat up, a fabulous bag or a spectacular shoe can turn your mood around and leave you feeling divine. Most diaper bags insult a Mom’s sense of style, but Dante Beatrix is the ultimate cure for all that ails you and your inevitable need to pack it all in.

Dante Beatrix makes a fantastic cadre of designer diaper bags that will leave you swooning. Their line of diaper bags (prices start at $36) includes graphic stroller totes that make a statement, luxe messenger bags, a baby tote with handles that can extend over the shoulder, and even an envelope for traveling light or to use inside another bag. I had the opportunity to test-drive the Baby Pouf, a large diaper bag.

The Dante Beatrix Baby Pouf’s shape is reminiscent of a bowling bag if bowling were a terribly chic sport. The leather straps are long enough to fit comfortably over my shoulder without sliding, acing even the winter-coat-plus-sling test. The nylon exterior of the bag is sleek, durable, and kid friendly. It wiped clean easily after my son shared some of his avocado. The Pouf opens wide with a big two-way zipper. Nylon inserts sewn into the sides ensure that your stuff stays where it belongs. The Pouf’s interior features a light-colored contrasting nylon, making sure that baby’s essentials are within sight when you need to find them. A large elasticized pocket fits wipes and several diapers easily. A zippered pocket is large enough for an oversized wallet, but not much else. Three pockets at the top of the bag’s interior are ideal for smaller items–baby’s pacifier, lotions, or a favorite rattle. I also stashed my cell phone here. Two pockets on either side of the inside hold bottles for easy access but magically disappear into the interior of the bag when not in use. There is a key fob but the latch was so small that I found it nearly impossible to use. Two deep, wide pockets on the outside of the bag hold items for easy access–sippy cups, books, and bibs with room for still more. The Pouf comes with a matching changing pad that fits neatly inside and is easily accessible, but it does not have its own pocket.

When the Dante Beatrix Pouf arrived, I marveled at its svelte form and felt hesitant to load it up with the sticky collection of items required by my toddler on a daily basis. But, it WAS a diaper bag so I loaded it up, transferring all the items from my current bag into the Pouf. Then I marveled again. Still sleek . . . and not overflowing! There was still more room. With my son’s help, we added more toys. The next day brought rain and a trip to the café required an umbrella . . . still room. After the café, I brought leftovers home since I still had room. My non-Mom friends were impressed. “Wow,” they said, with some relief, “You’ve graduated from a diaper bag.” I didn’t feel the need to clarify. This is a bag that I will be using long after potty training. With Baby and the Dante Beatrix Baby Pouf, you could not be better accessorized.

The Details: Dante Beatrix Baby Pouf; $220 in black/bone, sand/pewter, and silver grey/gunmetal; dimensions: 18” x 13” x 6”; available at www.dantebeatrix.com

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