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This feature length film will be shown at the Cable Car Cinema three times during the upcoming Providence Children's Film Festival (PCFF).  Find complete details for all films including schedule, age level, tickets and workshops on the PCFF website.

In German with English subtitles

PCFF: Stella Queen of the OrientNew Year’s Eve 2005: in her grandmother’s old villa, ten-year-old Stella is exploring the attic when she is suddenly catapulted 100 years back into the past on a fantastic time journey. She lands in the same villa, although naturally it is furnished in a completely different way. There she meets Clementine, who is her own age, and her younger brother Gustav. Stella is utterly amazed when she recognizes her great-grandmother in Clementine. But there is no time left for explaining things to one another: the family faces ruin, the villa is going to be sold, and now Clementine can surely forget about her dream of studying to become a doctor one day. Unless, of course, the children find the Star of the Orient... (Watch Trailer)

Director: Erna Schmidt
Runtime: 90 mins
Ages: 8 +
Showing at the Cable Car Cinema. Tickets required. (Details)

Kidoinfo Take Away: Have kids locate Germany on a map. Have your children create a story where they travel back in time. How long ago? Where do they go? Who do they meet? What happens?

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