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Providence Children's Film Festival

Providence Children’s Film Festival to run virtually Feb. 12-21, 2021

The Providence Children’s Film Festival’s 2021 Online Film Festival will run February 12 thru February 21, 2021. For more information and to purchase tickets go to PCFFRI.ORG.

By the Providence Children’s Film Festival

Just when people might be feeling more disconnected than ever, the Providence Children’s Film Festival 2021 arrives! Our mission of, “Presenting the best of international and independent films that inspire, delight, educate and CONNECT” is so important in today’s world. This year’s festival will be held fully on-line so you can attend safely from the comfort of your home. We’ll miss seeing your families in person but know with your attendance and support, we will return as a live event in 2022.

Some highlights from this year’s line-up include a documentary about a family who commits to living only on food that they have grown, hunted, fished or foraged for. Their experiences are a mix of exhaustion, exhilaration and humor. U.S. premiere of (FIRST WE EAT!). But the docs don’t stop there! After you watch these three other documentaries you will be well versed in the history of New England Lighthouses (THE LAST LIGHTKEEPERS), be intimately aware of the life cycle of a monarch butterfly (BEAUTY ON THE WING) and learn how to advocate in your community to keep plastic out of our oceans (MICROPLASTIC MADNESS).

As usual there is no shortage of exciting dramas to grab your attention in this year’s line-up. What would you do if a President decided to round up all the children in the country that he thought were “ugly”? (THE CLUB OF UGLY CHILDREN) Without spoiling the end, social media saves the day! In another feature plastics polluting our oceans is the culprit for a group of young detectives to apprehend. (THE PEPPERCORNS AND THE SECRET OF THE DEEP SEA)

Last, but far from least, are three films that stay on your mind well beyond the roll of the credits. An Italian film about a family of six that have a sibling with Down Syndrome. The narrative captures all the care, love, frustration and pride of being a family together over the course of ten years. (MY BROTHER CHASES DINOSAURS) Another beautifully shot film follows a shepherd family in Tibet overcoming a family tragedy at a time of economic pressure. The environment and culture of Tibetans are as much characters in this story as the family members themselves. (VEINS OF THE WORLD) Finally, one of this year’s festival flashback films is the Fench/Belgium film (BIRDS OF PASSAGE) from 2016. A simply told story of a friendship that evolves between two very different girls over the hatching of a duck egg. Over several days you see both friends become years wiser and more aware of the world around them through this shared experience.

Short films are a BIG part of our festival too! This year we have our first ever reel of Iranian short films. (IRAN: Axis of People) There is also a French language shorts reel for the younger set that we’re calling L’ordre des choses (The Order of Things). Of course our classic reels of PASSIONATE PURSUITS 2021, LET’S GET ANIMATED 2021 and THE WORLD AROUND US 2021 will all be composed with the latest films accepted this year including some films from lands we have never had a film from before, Mozambique and Guadeloupe.

Email info@pcffri.org with any questions.

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