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Providence Community Library Celebrations at Nine Branches

To commemorate the transfer of library operations from Providence Public Library to Providence Community Library (PCL) on July 1, local libraries will be marking this historic event, with celebrations at each of the nine libraries. To start, a day of amnesty has been declared on library fines, meaning that overdue books owned by the nine libraries can be returned without charge. Ribbons will be cut to open each building that day, and books will ceremonially be relayed from neighborhood to neighborhood over the course of the afternoon. The relay kicks off at the Knight Memorial branch at 2:30 pm, traveling counter-clockwise around the city and arriving back on Elmwood Avenue at 7:00 pm. Commemorative T-shirts will also be for sale at every library.

Additionally, each branch planned its own celebration for the day. The activities will include karaoke at Olneyville Library, origami lessons at Rochambeau and a cookout at Smith Hill. “This is an exciting day for the city of Providence,” says Matthew Lawrence, one of the organizers of the celebrations. “It’s also a great opportunity for people to rediscover their neighborhood libraries, and a chance for each neighborhood to show off for an afternoon.”


Please join the library celebrations today!

Fox Point: Live music inside and outside, kids’ crafts, and food, from 5-7pm.  This event will be taking place, weather permitting, in the courtyard in front of the library, and will last beyond the library’s scheduled closing hour.

Knight Memorial: Potluck from 6-7:30.

Mount Pleasant: Refreshments and kids’ events from 4-6.

Olneyville: Karaoke party from 5-7:30.

Rochambeau: Party in front of the library from 3-5:30.  Live music, origami demonstrations, and food.

Smith Hill: A cookout in the back garden and kids’ programs inside, from 4-7pm.  Food donated by Councilman Hassett.

South Providence: Party from 3-6.  Councilman Aponte will be providing hamburgers, the street will be blocked off, and a police horse will relay a book from South Providence to Fox Point at 3:30.

Wanskuck: Planting in front of the library, beginning with a ribbon-cutting ceremony at 1. Refreshments will follow.

Washington Park: A Bigfoot film festival, debate and popcorn, starting at 2.

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