Providence Middle Schools: Nathan Bishop Enrollment Deadline is Monday, December 15

[ 1 ] December 11, 2008 |

For those concerned with Providence Public Schools, please read the following letter regarding enrollment at Nathan Bishop Middle School reopening in the Fall 2009.

Dear Friends of Public Education:

Parents who wish to consider Nathan Bishop Middle School as an option are facing an important deadline. The Providence School Department requires parents to fill out a choice form and submit it by next Monday, December 15, if they wish for their children to attend Nathan Bishop next year. An electronic copy of the form is attached, which can be printed, filled out and mailed in. Submitting the form does not require a deposit or a commitment. Parents who wish to apply for the Advanced Academic Program at Nathaniel Greene can keep that option open even while choosing Nathan Bishop as their preferred neighborhood school. As a result, parents lose nothing from submitting the form, but may lose the option of having their children attend Bishop if they do not. We have asked the School Department to extend this deadline, but our efforts have not yet been successful, so your help in spreading the word would be greatly appreciated. Please forward this information to anyone you know who might be considering Nathan Bishop next year for their children who are currently in the fifth grade. Thank you.  Download School Choice Form Here

Thomas A. Schmeling
East Side Public Education Coalition

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  1. Jennifer Geller says:

    As a teacher in Providence, (as well as a parent) this post caught my eye. I teach at Feinstein High School, a small, site-based high school in the Providence system. For the past seven years, we have operated a program not unlike what the East Side Public Education Coalition is proposing for Bishop. Unfortunately, we are becoming increasingly aware that the new administration at the school department does not intend to honor our site-based agreement, thus ending our unique program. This should serve as a warning to those who are working on the restructuring of Bishop. You very well may not end up with the autonomy you think you have been promised. It is happening to us, it can happen to you. We at Feinstein are in full solidarity with the East Side Coalition and wish them the best because we feel that if they are successful, then we can ask: why them and not us? Unfortunately, the fact that the school department is not even being flexible in extending a deadline is about par for the course from our experiences at Feinstein.

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