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Providence Opens All City Pools and Water Parks Today, June 30, 2014

Five pools and 11 water parks open for the season.

City Pilots New Rules to Keep Children Safe and Get More Children Into the Water and Learning How to Swim


Five pools and 11 water parks open for the season.

The Department of Parks and Recreation will pilot new rules at city pools this summer to keep children safe and also get more children into the water and learning how to swim.

These new rules will go into effect next week, on Monday, July 7, 2014:

  • Pools are open to children and adults ages 5 and up.
  • Children older than 5 who are under 42 inches tall must have a parent or adult guardian in the pool with them at all times and must wear a lifejacket provided by Parks + Recreation. Each pool will have 25 lifejackets in assorted sizes for use.
  • Any child between 42 inches and 54 inches tall who passes a swim test will be allowed in pools without a parent or adult guardian if a parent or legal adult guardian registers them and signs a permission form.
  •  Any child 54 inches or taller may swim without a parent or adult guardian and without passing a swim test if they are registered by a parent or legal adult guardian and sign a permission form.
  • Teens ages 16 and over may register to use any pool without a parent or legal adult guardian.

Under the previous rules, children less than 54 inches tall were not allowed to be in a pool without a parent or guardian.

“Children and teenagers in Providence have many options to choose from to stay active, healthy and engaged through Providence Parks + Recreation this summer,” said Mayor Taveras. “I am pleased that city pools will offer free swimming lessons so that residents have access to a safe and supervised environment in our neighborhoods to learn this important skill.”

All City pools and water parks open today, June 30, 2014. Pools and water parks operate Monday through Saturday from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m., through Friday, August 15, 2014.

Providence residents of all ages are invited to sign up for free beginner swimming lessons at city outdoor pools this summer. Residents interested in signing up for swimming lessons are encouraged to register at any pool starting today, June 30, 2014.

Three two-week sessions will be held from July 7 to July 19, July 21 to August 2, and August 4 to 15 (with no class on August 11 and August 16). Sessions will include half-hour-long lessons at each pool, Monday through Saturday. Lessons begin at 11 a.m. for kids ages 5 to 8 and at 11:30 a.m. for kids and adults ages 9 and up.

In addition to reopening the Davey Lopes Pool, the City is also opening a new water park at Pastore Park.

Pool locations:

  • Almagno Pool at Neutaconkanut Recreation Center, 675 Plainfield Street
  • Davey Lopes Recreation Center, 227 Dudley Street
  • McGrane Pool at West End Recreation Center, 404 Dexter Street
  • Selim Rogers Recreation Center, 60 Camden Avenue
  • Zuccolo Recreation Center, 18 Gesler Street

Water park locations:

  • Al Carrington Water Park, 64 Richardson Street
    Billy Taylor Water Park, 124 Camp Street
    Sackett Street Water Park, 110 Sackett Street
    Harriet & Sayles Water Park, 375 Sayles Street
    General Street Water Park, 11 West Drive
    George West Water Park, 1266 Chalkstone Ave
    Fargnoli Water Park, 945 Smith Street
    Fox Point Water Park at Cabral Park, 505 Wickenden Street
    Neutaconkanut Recreation Center Water Park, 675 Plainfield Street
    Wallace Street Water Park, 1 Wallace Street
    Pastore Water Park, corner of Knight Street and Tell Street
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