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Providence Pools and Waterparks now open!

Providence pools and water parks open today,  just in time to help beat the heat. All pools and water parks are open Monday to Saturday, 12:00 to 5:00 pm.

kids-swimming poolNew 2010 citywide guidelines regarding the use of public water facilities. Read below the Providence Pools and Water Parks Guidelines. A list of city public water facilities and guideline details may be found on the Parks and Recreation department web site.

– On their first visit to a City pool, all swimmers (adults and children) must register as a pool guest and take a swim test in order for pool staff to assess swimming ability and the need for adult supervision. Swim tests will be administered all day on Tuesday, July 6th and Wednesday July 7th from 12pm to 5pm, and then every day throughout the summer from 11:30am to 12:00pm, prior to the daily opening of the pools.
– The swim test consists of swimming across the width of the pool without touching the bottom. Successful passing of the test is at the determination of the senior lifeguard.
– Once guests pass the swim test, they are not required to take a swim test for the rest of the season. Swim test status (swimmer, non-swimmer) will be recorded on the pool guest’s registration card.
– Each time guests visit the pool, they will be given color-coded wristbands that indicate their swim- test status:
– Green for swimmers – Red for non-swimmers – Orange for adult-guardians of non-swimmers. – All pool patrons must wear a color-coded band.
– Children who are at least 54 inches tall and who have passed the swim test will be allowed to swim in the pools without an accompanying adult.
– Children who are between 42 and 54 inches tall and all non-swimmers must be accompanied by an adult swimmer.
– Children who are under 42 inches tall may not use the pools, regardless of whether they are super- vised by an adult. These children are encouraged instead to visit one of the City’s nine water parks.


– All guests must sign in and provide current emergency contact information.
– Adult supervisors must also provide proof of age (18 years or older) in the form of a driver’s license or other photo identification.
– An adult may accompany no more than two children in the pool at a time.
– Appropriate attire is required to be admitted to the pool area. Appropriate attire includes bathing suit or shorts with a t-shirt.
– Persons with open wounds, rashes, nasal discharge, inflamed eyes or bandages are not allowed in pool.
– Persons who are disoriented or appear to be under the influence of alcohol, drugs or medication will not be admitted to the pool area.

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  • Is there any fee or charge in order to use the water park on Wickenden St? I’m a non resident so I wasnt sure and would like to take my 17 month old today

  • I often take my kids to the one at Fragnoli park on Smith Street. There’s a great playground with lots of shade to dry off in after a visit to the water park.

  • I have only been to the one next to the Cabral playgroud on Wickenden. This is a fun little water park and located across from a small public library – also a plus!