Quality After School Includes Play!

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By Cathy Saunders, Director of Education, Providence Children’s Museum

Play is important for children’s healthy development.  All too often the school day offers little or no opportunities for children to play — recesses are limited or eliminated, “test prep” replaces hands-on exploration, and so on.  By the time the typical child finishes 5½ or more hours of school, he is ready for some fun!

Think about your childhood afternoons.  What were some of your favorite memories — gathering with other kids at the park?  Playing hoops at the local community center?  Making messes in the kitchen?  Doing Scouts or some other organized activity?  Digging into your favorite hobby?  I’ll bet that it included some time to rejuvenate as well as opportunities to engage your mind in something interesting to you.

We are fortunate in Rhode Island that there are so many after-school program providers across the state.  Some are designed to be daily after-school care, some are enrichment only — classes or workshops based on interest.  It’s important to look for programs that that not only meet a child’s physical and developmental needs but her social and emotional needs as well.

Below are some terrific resources for finding the right after-school program for your family.  To those resources I add this list of what to look for when seeking a program that supports playful learning:

  • A wide variety of activities that offer opportunities for children to do what interests them.
  • Resources — like intriguing materials, tools, art, objects, live animals — that invite children’s curiosity and inspire enthusiasm about learning.
  • Opportunities for unstructured time and physical activity (especially before homework).
  • Open-ended activities or projects in which there is not one right way to accomplish the task, allowing for free choice and self-directed discovery.
  • Engaged staff that understand children’s developmental needs.

Tips for choosing quality after-school programs

  • The Afterschool Alliance is a national advocacy and resource organization for after-school programming that offers helpful hints for finding a quality program.

Finding a local program

  • RIASPA’s Afterschool Program Map lists nearly 200 after-school programs around the state, from daily programs to enrichment opportunities.
  • United Way 2-1-1 has a childcare (and after-school program) referral service available by phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and in 175 languages and dialects and online.
  • If you’re interested in an after-school program that is also a daycare provider licensed by DCYF (Department of Children Youth & Families), check out this search engine.

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