Rainy Day Art

[ 3 ] July 8, 2009 |

By Elyse Majorraindayart4

Is our Seattle-like forecast making you a little weary? Well, here is a fun activity to help you embrace (or at least not curse) our current weather conditions. Grab a cup of hot coffee for yourself and let’s begin.


Paper (something sturdy like watercolor paper or Bristol), even coffee filters or paper plates
Food coloring


Lay out your paper and dot with food coloring. raindayart1


Place your paper outside on a flat surface.
raindayart3Wait for the rain and watch as the squirts on your paper run into each other. Let dry.
Ta-da! Some groovy artwork (pictured above) to display or cut into collages.

I find that adding dots of yellow makes the darker colors really pop when the color-merging begins.
This entire activity can be done outside.


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Elyse Major

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Elyse (Press) Major has been creative since childhood. In addition to being a longtime contributor to Kidoinfo, Elyse has authored craft and DIY home décor books, and been featured in, produced projects and written for many home décor publications. She lives in her beloved Rhode Island with her awesome boys and husband. Follow Elyse / tinkered treasures on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and her blog tinkeredtreasures.com

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  1. calendar katy says:

    Cool! How does Elyse come up with these things?

  2. Emily says:

    That is great – thanks!!

  3. Bethany says:

    Great pics, and fantastic idea. Love it!!!

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