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Read about Save the Bay’s history-making cleanup of Narragansett Bay

By Save the Bay

The remarkable cleanup of Narragansett Bay has been referred to as a global success story. It has been an ongoing challenge, with victories won through hundreds of battles, big and small, and fought by impassioned community members.

As Save The Bay celebrates our 50th anniversary, we reflect on the work, effort, and commitment that led to both the founding of our organization, and to the cleanup of the beautiful Bay that is the very heart of our mission with Saving Narragansett Bay: How People, Passion, and Perseverance Made All The Difference.

Saving Narragansett Bay beautifully captures the battles, the stories, and the personalities that have fought to protect and improve Rhode Island’s greatest natural resource over the past five decades.

With a narrative crafted by local author, Todd McLeish, and stunning photography by iconic Rhode-Island-based photographers Onne van der Wal, Salvatore Mancini and Carmel Vitullo, this 10-chapter book belongs on every Narragansett-Bay-lover’s coffee table.

Learn more and purchase the book. 

Squeeze in your workout or meditation
  • In a time like this, it’s important to reduce stress as much as possible, so your workout routine is as important as ever. Anticipating that gyms and group fitness classes may not be an option, turn to YouTube for free exercise videos.
  • Incorporate your exercise into your child’s outdoor time! Play a game of tag or hide and seek to get your heart pumping. Have a basketball hoop? Play a little one-on-one or a game of knock-out or teach your tiny wobbler how to kick a soccer ball.
  • Meditation is a fun practice which we focus on prior to rest times here at The Coggeshall Club, this is a great chance for you to spend 5 minutes resetting your own mind and helping your little one control their body and mind prior to rest time. We love the Savasana app and their Yoga Nidra practices.
There is a silver lining!
  • Yes, there is a very scary virus looming over all of this, but your home is your safe space and your people are your people. This is a great opportunity to bond, respectfully and gratefully.
  • Try to look at it as an opportunity to spend time with your partner or kids in a way you don’t normally get to.
  • You might have lunch as a family every day, and that might be just kind of the coolest thing! PB and J for lunch instead of dinner when you are all exhausted on most nights, conversation is very different when it is over lunch instead of dinner – energy and mindsets are too.
  • Try and frame it in a positive way, which is that you can work together as a team, plan the things you can plan, and spend this time together. There aren’t too many opportunities for partners to work together and get a peek into each other’s day-to-day, and that can be a spark for some…your cute coworker just happens to be your partner! Witnessing and admiring each other’s professionalism is a great way to create or deepen a bond.

Britt Riley is the co-founder of Coggeshall Club in Middletown — the country’s first fully-licensed daycare to offer unlimited co-working and fitness space.

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