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Receive helpful parenting information for kids 0-8 through new local text service

A new local program will provide helpful information to parents through texts. Called the Greatest 8, it is a program of the Washington County Cares Coalition for Children, URI and Brown, it is funded by the Rhode Island Foundation and van Beuren Charitable Foundation.

In the same way that Text4Baby provides weekly text tips for new moms and moms-to-be, the Greatest 8 provides weekly text tips that help parents teach their children ages 0 to 8, skills for a lifetime of mental health and well-being.

The Greatest8 text message service is believed to be the first such service designed to promote emotional and behavioral health through text messaging.  People who want to sign up for The Greatest 8 can simply text greatest8 to 401 297 3020. Or, they can sign up online at   There is a full site of information for parents at www.thegreatest8.org

Parents who sign up receive age-appropriate texts based on their child’s month and year of birth through age 8. These texts provide tips and activities related to the skills of communication, understanding feelings, problem solving, balancing emotions, diversity awareness and respect, coping and resilience, conflict resolution and self-perceived competence.

All of the families that sign up will be champions of a new era of healthy child development. And, 50 families will be given the opportunity to receive $15 gift cards for their review of Greatest 8.

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