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Remember those wiggle toes (and fingers)

Wiggletoes Girl-2Your new baby’s toes are precious and little for just a short time. A great way to remember how adorable they are is to have them cast into a three-dimensional model. Although there are many do-it-yourself home kits available, chances are you will not get the same amazing attention and detail unless you use Wiggle Toes.

Lauren Nichols of Wiggle Toes has been making “baby feet” for seven years, beginning as a complimentary service for patients of dentist Dr. Jack Armstrong in Denver, Colorado. She adapted the process of making teeth molds to making molds of newborns’ feet and preserved them in a keepsake shadow box. Lauren believes the best time to make impressions of your baby’s feet is right after they’re born; in fact, she visits new moms and their babies right at the hospital. Making the mold takes only moments. Choose colors, paper, and embellishments from Lauren’s swatches, and she assembles your custom shadow box and mails it to you within the week.

Wiggle Toes MoldPlaster Hand

Ethan Hand-1Lauren has now expanded into making molds of children’s hands starting from whenever they can hold their hand out straight up to about age 10. Make Wiggle Toes the project at a party or visit her studio to have a one-on-one session. She recently made impressions of my boys’ hands, and they were fascinated by the process and with learning what a mold was and how it works. After the hand has been cast, you can allow your kids to be part of the creative process of decorating the shadow box. However, if you’d prefer to design the finished keepsake rather than leaving it to your children’s whims, just tell Lauren ahead of time and she will help you choose the right paper for your shadow box.

New babies often get more adorable clothes than they can ever manage to wear. Consider giving this more meaningful keepsake from Wiggle Toes for new parents. I know years from now, it will be nice to have a physical reminder of how small my boys once were.

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