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Rhode Island’s Momtrepreneurs do it all (or least what matters most)

1368193621_stretchHonored to be featured in Kim Kalunian’s article, Rhode Island’s Momtrepreneurs do it all, on the WPRO website alongside these other amazing moms: Roisin McGettigan, Elyse Major, Emmanuela Paul, Jennifer Spaziano. I am not sure that I am actually “doing it all” (Maybe doing too much?) but I do try to make time for what matters most to me and not worry so much that laundry is rarely folded or that cookies are often store bought, not made from scratch.

I am inspired daily by women around me (like the others in article) who figure out their own way of juggling family, work (which to me includes paid jobs as well volunteer work or time spent growing a business, going back to school…) and play time. There is definitely not one right way to do it all and as Jennifer said so well, “I think it really comes down to your definition of having it all: of course you can have it all, it just depends on what having it all means.”

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