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RIMOSA: A New Providence Museum, of Curiosity!

By Bonnie Epstein (RIMOSA Executive Director) & Kimberly Arcand (Popular science author & RIMOSA Board member)

The Rhode Island Museum of Science and Art (RIMOSA) was founded seven years ago – by local scientists, artists, parents, and educators – as a museum without walls to create exhibits and programs at the intersections of science and art for older children and adults.  At RIMOSA, we encourage the ability to observe, the courage to experiment, the need to communicate and, above all, the path to curiosity.

Now, RIMOSA has walls! We have just launched our brand-new, conveniently located, physical site at 763 Westminster St. in Providence, where our mission remains to, above all, kindle curiosity and encourage experimentation.

Our exhibits and activities are not meant to just provide static facts and answers, but to be physically engaging and open-ended, to allow and encourage curiosity to take place, and to provide a place for you to “make.”  In short, we encourage play, whether you’re an explorer aged 10, or aged 8 times 10.   We use many inexpensive, household items in our programs – and deliberately do not try to hide how our exhibits were constructed – so that they may serve as catalysts to self-directed learning.  We consider our work a success when we get comments such as “Last summer we went to the marble coaster workshop and for two months after our house was covered in “track”. All because RIMOSA introduced it!” – J. Brown, Newport Library Patron

We will also be featuring special exhibits and events at RIMOSA.  Currently, we are hosting a NASA-funded exhibit on “Light: Beyond the Bulb,” a project that has toured the world, landing in hundreds of locations from an airport in New Zealand to town square in Bolivia.

This summer, exercise your curiosity! Wonder at the sky, be perplexed by sand, and come by our new museum (now with walls) to visit RIMOSA!

RIMOSA summer hours:
Thursdays/Fridays 1-5
Saturdays/Sundays 12-5
Mondays – Wednesdays Open only by Appointment

Location: 763 Westminster St, Providence RI 02903
Website: www.rimosa.org
Contact information: Info@rimosa.org
Admission: Adults (ages 13 and up): $5 / Children (ages 2-12): $7

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