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RI’s Mark Binder has new family audiobook available

Mark Binder
Mark Binder – RI storyteller

This summer, you may not be able take the whole family out for a show, but you can still enjoy Summer 2020, a live audiobook / storytelling concert by Rhode Island author and storyteller Mark Binder.

One tale is a hilarious argument over pizza. Another is about the power of owning your identity. Culled from five different performances, Summer 2020 is fun listening at home, around the campfire, in the car, or as a welcome diversion in the midst of a summer thunderstorm. Five stories performed live, this 45 minute audiobook is suitable for all ages, 5 to 105.

“Young people need to feel part of a group,” said Binder. For the past 20 summers, he has been telling tales in libraries, camps, summer schools, community centers, festivals, and even parking lots. “Whether you’re five or a hundred-and five, we all crave nutritious and delightful stories.”

Mark Binder Summer 2020This audiobook costs $4.99 ($24.99 library edition) and is available wherever audiobooks are sold. For a limited time there will be an “author’s edition” that includes a 99 page downloadable ebook, available only at markbinder.com/summer2020

“Mark Binder is a master at spinning old tales and everyday events… into storytelling gold.” – Parents’ Choice Gold Award.

Bio: Mark Binder is the Audie Award-Nominated author of more than two-dozen books and audiobooks. He tours the world as a performer, transmitting the joy of story across boundaries.

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