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By Maura Keating

Many girls play with dolls when they are young. From Cabbage Patch Kids to Barbie, I loved to drag my dolls about and play Mom. Very little from that time of my life has actually prepared me for the realities of motherhood, except for one strange correlation between dolls and babies: It’s just as hard to keep shoes on Baby as it is to keep high heels on Barbie.

They are ubiquitous when you are talking about baby feet among Moms who know, but they deserve a mention here–Robeez makes the baby shoes that you’ve seen on little feet everywhere. Gentle elastic on the heel of the shoes keeps the soft leather shoe on baby’s foot so these won’t be falling off. My son can yank almost anything off his feet, but the Robeez stay put. Pediatricians recommend soft, flexible soles for baby’s first shoe, and the soles of Robeez shoes are made of a non-slip textured suede that can take a lot of abuse and my son puts his shoes through a rigorous test. And while the shoes are lightweight and perfect for beginning walkers, expert walkers like them too. Robeez are available in sizes up to four years. When my son started walking, we made the mistake of getting my son a pair of “real shoes.” They were heavier than the Robeez and clunky, causing him to trip. Instead of the usual pitter-patter, he stomped about the house like Frankenstein’s monster. The shoes looked cute on, but he insistently tugged at them to take them off. These “real shoes” were also hard to get on, while the Robeez slip on easily. I rarely dig the “real shoes” out of the closet. Robeez have become our mainstay.

The leather uppers of Robeez are well-sewn, and the shoes’ trademark is the whimsical design on the top. The range of choices is overwhelming (Do you want adorable or sporty? Country or rock ’n’ roll? Classic or eccentric?) Bring a friend to help you decide. The care instructions say that Robeez are machine washable, but I’ve never needed to– I simply surface clean or hand wash and we are good to go again.

Because the shoes have a soft sole, they are not ideal for the intrepid toddler. For forays into a world that might include rocks, uneven surfaces, or sharp objects, I take out sturdier shoes. It is also worth noting that childcare providers often require thicker soles for walkers. However… rumor has it that Robeez is coming out with a new shoe for this next step of all-terrain exploration. Stay tuned to Kidoinfo for a review when the new Robeez shoes hit stores. In the meantime, take comfort in the knowledge that you don’t have to wait for the other shoe to drop. Take that, Barbie.

The Details: Robeez Soft Soles. 60 + designs available in sizes 0 – 6 months, 6 – 12 months, 12 – 18 months, and 18 – 24 months. Select styles available in sizes 2 – 3 years and 3 – 4 years. Stores that sell Robeez are nearly as ubiquitous as the shoes themselves–check the store locator at Robeez to find one near you.

Want to win a pair of Robeez shoes from the spring line? Enter here to be one of two winners.  CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED.

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  1. Sarah says:

    not good for my girls with skinny feet. needed ones that tied. but love their style….. and had robeez envy.

  2. calendar Katharine says:

    robeez are so cute now, i think i need a new baby. five years ago the choices were just: plain primary colors, ugly trains or ugly pink butterflies. you people with the babies have got it made!

  3. when you are looking for baby shoes, choose those that are made from organic materials”`.

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