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Rolling Doubles: Strollers for Two (or More)

Editors Note: Maura has done a fabulous job test-driving and reviewing a number of double strollers recently, hopefully to help in your search to find the perfect one–or as close to perfect as possible. I never found “the perfect one” when my children were stroller-age because until just a few years ago there were fewer choices, especially ones that adapted easily to my growing children–from accommodating them in their car seats to when they could sit up on their own–yet still small enough to fit into the back of my car.

bumblerideindietwinspice1Parents today have many more options. You can now buy one that grows with your children, easy to collapse, lightweight and available in modern patterns and more color options. However what one urban mom considers to be the perfect stroller may not be same for a suburban parent. A mom of twins may need a different type of double stroller than the parent of mixed-age kids because of weight and balance. Depending on the number of children you have, how often you use it and your budget will also factor into your decision process.

I hope you find this guide helpful in your search for the “perfect” stroller(s). If you plan on buying more than one or would rather not pay full price, shop for a used stroller from a friend,  on craigslist or at your local second-hand or consignment store. A well-made stroller that holds up with repeated use or a rarely used stroller  may be a great buy, secondhand.

Double Strollers reviewed by Maura Keating

Everyone knows that life is a gamble. When you’ve got two kids, the cards change. These five double strollers will get you back in the game–no matter what kid combination you have got on your hands. One double stroller does not fit all. When choosing a double stroller, you must take into consideration the age and temperament–as well as the height and weight of all riders. Are both of your kids nappers? Does one child like to get in and out of strollers frequently? Do you frequent the zoo, a city park, or the beach?

The Phil and Ted’s Dash and the UPPAbaby VISTA are single strollers that include optional add on adapters that transform your stroller into a double. They are perfect for the first time stroller owner who is pretty sure that more children will follow. They are also ideal for parents who have two, but sometimes travel only with one child. With both strollers, the change from single to double (and back again) is quick and painless. The compact design of the Dash and the VISTA make them perfect for city dwellers who will be navigating busy city streets.

The Bumbleride Twin and the Valco Baby Tri-Mode Twin are traditional side by side double strollers with unconventional twists. Both fit through standard doorways and have enough flair and finesse to make you forget your load. The Joovy Ergo transports two in style with its limousine styling and its ability to grow with you as your kids grow in size and stroller needs. These strollers make every stroll a walk in the park.

If two isn’t enough, the Valco Baby Tri-Mode Twin offers an optional Toddler Seat that attaches to the top of the Twin or a Hitch Hiker that allows a toddler to hitch a ride in back. UPPAbaby offers a piggyBACK that attaches to the back of the VISTA to transport toddlers+ up to 50 pounds.

Buckle up! With two+ on board, you’ve always got to be ready to roll.

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