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Safe Groceries for Goody-Goodies and Others

Food Guide

By Katy Killilea

My good intentions come and go, but I know that I am – at least theoretically – committed to not single handedly destroying the earth or feeding my children with pesticides and other scary things. (Except for when I’m not committed.) To help me move toward this grocery ideal, I am grateful to the conscientious people who produce wallet guides. Having a little card reminding me what’s most earth-friendly and kid-healthy in terms of berries or fish or tissues can be very reassuring. And frankly, by the time February rolls around, I don’t consult the wallet guides any more. I just buy the same safe-seeming things over and over. But of course, research continues and the recommendations keep changing, so with every new year, revised versions of the wallet guides are available to download.

There are many to choose from – I’ve included the ones I think of as reliable.

• Regarding fish (download pdf)
• Regarding produce (download pdf)
• Regarding household paper products (download pdf)

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