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School Vacation Week – Fun activities!

Happy Spring! April Vacation Week is already here.  Here are a few easy activities for you and your school vacationing clan to check out.

1. Visit the bluebells in Swan Point Woods, Providence.  If you head into in these magical woods you will find the most wonderful and secret (Ssh!) glen of bluebells.  To get to the secret woods — head through the main Swan Point Cemetery gates, hang a left and you will see a small wooded path.

2. Gather treasures on a walk in your neighborhood and create a masterpiece out of your findings.  Stick and leaf faces, pinecone people are some ideas.

3. Create your very own treasure map.  Hide a piece of treasure in your yard, park, beach or playground and then plot your map around it.  Soaking your map in tea and slightly burning the edges gives it that authentic look.

4. Explore a new playground.  Some of our favorites are Brown Street Park in Providence, India Point Park, Kidz Kove in Barrington, Warren Town Beach Park and Pawtuxet Village Playground.

5. It’s beach season…well, almost.  Head to one of your local favorites before the sun gets hot and the crowds get busy. Try hunting for sea glass on Middletown Beach, climbing the dunes at Horseneck Beach or head to Newport and watching the loopy winter surfers.

6. Head to your local library and check out a book/movie combo.  Some of our favorites are Matilda, Angelina Ballerina, Little Women and Fantastic Mr Fox.  You could also create some artwork related to the tale.

7. Gather and press pretty spring flowers, blossoms and leaves that may have fallen from their stems.  Beautiful creations can be made from your findings such as note cards, funny flower faces and a Spring landscape.

8. Make a bird feeder from a pinecone, peanut butter and birdseed.  Empty your hairbrush outside and leave a few colorful pieces of yarn for the birds to make their nests out of. It is so cool when you see a brightly colored strand woven into a bird’s nest.

9. Cook up some colorful, homemade play dough.  Check out an easy recipe here.

10. Collect some trash in honor of Earth Day (Tuesday 22 April).  Pop on some gloves and bring a few different bags for recyclables and trash.

Photo Credit: Suzanne Cadge

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