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See the film Where Do the Children Play?

The Details:
Location: Lincoln Schools Ebner, Elson, Hart Music Center – 301 Butler Avenue, Providence, RI
When: Wednesday, February 4 from 6:30 to 8:30 PM
(This film was rescheduled to tonight because of last weeks snow storm.)
Cost: Free
For more information about the screening, contact Giovonne Calenda at gcalenda@lincolnschool.org.

There is a growing concern among pediatricians, mental health experts, educators and environmentalists that more and more children are growing up today with little or no opportunity for unstructured play, especially outdoors. A new documentary film, Where Do the Children Play? examines this issue. Providence Children’s Museum joins Lincoln School and Southside Community Landtrust to present a free public screening of this film. An audience discussion about the ideas explored in the film will follow.

Read more about the film.

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