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Looking at where to send your kids to school in 2008-9 and beyond? Parents and family members with children at a variety of schools (Martin Luther King, Vartan Gregorian, Paul Cuffee, ICS, Times2, CVS Highlander, Henry Barnard, Community Prep, and more) will be at the Rochambeau Branch of the Providence Public Library on Monday, November 26 from 7 to 9pm to share their experiences. Though the focus will be on elementary schools, parents with experience at Nathanael Greene and other middle schools will be on hand.

The purpose of this meeting is for parents to share with other parents about their experiences. It’s meant to supplement (not replace) the school visits many parents are in the process of making. This meeting is a chance to compare experiences, ask questions, and get information about school application and registration processes. Please know that this meeting aims to share information about a wide variety of schools with particular emphasis on public and charter choices. This meeting is also not geared toward pre-school choices — the focus will be on Kindergarten onward. Please know that if you’re interested in this topic but your children won’t be ready for Kindergarten in 2008, you’re still welcome to attend.

As well, parents who are “veterans” of the system will be there to provide their perspective on K-12 education in the Providence Public Schools and/or other schools.
Though this is all about our kids, no childcare will be provided, so bring your kids at your own discretion.

In order to make sure that there is enough space and the agenda is suited to the number and interest of the participants, please RSVP by email or phone if you plan to attend.

contact info:
Jill Davidson
email: jill.davidson@gmail.com
phone: 401-453-1916
– Email whether you plan to attend and what your interest is in this subject. If you’d like to participate but can’t make that date, please specify whether daytime or evening meetings are better.
– If you are currently parents of children at the schools listed above — or at any other school serving Providence students — and would like to represent the school please email Jill.

More about Jill Davidson:

I am a parent of a second grader at Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Elementary School in Providence (and two other younger children). Professionally, I am the Publications Director at the Coalition of Essential Schools (www.essentialschools.org) and a long-time facilitator of education-related workshops and discussions. In 2006, I combined my interest in education with my experience as a parent who had recently gone through the process of choosing a school for my child and convened discussion opportunities for parents to share experiences and learn from parents of children already in a variety of schools. People got a lot out of talking with each other in a structured, family-focused format, so we’re doing it again in preparation for the 2008-9 school year.

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