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SNOW by Uri Shulevitz

Reviewed by Marcia Maynard

SnowSpotting the first snowflake of a storm brings excitement to a boy in Uri Shulevitz’s Snow. If you’re a parent in Rhode Island, you’ll feel a connection to this Caldecott honor book. The opening pages show  the gray world that’s seen before a snowstorm. But soon, one snowflake falls. A boy smiles, looks out his window, and says to his dog,  “It’s snowing.” The reader feels his spark of energy.

As the boy and his dog run outside, they meet cynical adults who ignore the joy of snow. As more flakes fall, the city becomes whiter and the boy, happier. Soon, Mother Goose characters leap from a bookstore window to share the magic with the boy. Once the storm is finally over, the boy and his dog are the only two outside playing in the snow-white city.

Regardless of  how tired you may be of winter,  Shulevitz’s drawings and use of  bright colors  will make you want to share one more day of snow with your child.

The Details:
Snow by Uri Shulevitz
1998 Farrar Straus Giroux

Marcia Maynard stays home with her two sons and plays. Prior to her current role as mom, she was an elementary school teacher and reading specialist.

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