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Soapbox Races in College Hill


I always loved watching the X Games when they came to Providence. It’s not often the streets of College Hill are closed off for races like Street Luge. Well, let some new races begin! The Red Bull Soapbox Race will speed down College Hill on Saturday, October 13. It’s FREE, open to the public, and bound to be cool fun for kids of ALL ages. This non-motorized racing event invites people to craft outrageous human-powered carts to race against the clock in a downhill sprint to the finish. Soapbox cars can be made of anything the imagination conjures up (See car sketches). Past cars included a baby carriage, a rodeo clown, a massive cob of corn, and more. Extra points for showmanship – participants often wear outrageous costumes, act out skits, and create their own music soundtracks for the race. Sounds like a blast!

Event Details
11 am: Gates open – Explore the pit area and meet the teams!
1 pm: First race starts – Get there early as some surprises are in store.
3:30 pm: Final race takes place – Awards ceremony to follow.


Waterman Street, College Hill Neighborhood
Starting Line: Fones Ally and Prospect Street
Finish Line: Waterman Street and South Main Street

There is a long list of what you can and cannot bring. And event organizers may search you and your bags upon entering or re-entering the event. They recommend leaving large bags at home — so try to pack light.

Here is a list of what YOU CAN BRING: blankets, hand-held umbrellas, soft-sided coolers, baby strollers, portable/collapsible chairs, regular size/unframed backpacks, sealed water bottles, binoculars, and personal camera equipment.

The DO NOT BRING list includes: weapons of any kind (okay my boys will leave their swords at home), illegal substances (including narcotics) or drug paraphernalia, framed or large backpacks, alcohol, glass containers (you may want to repack your baby food), food (this seems a bit tricky), and pets.

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