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Spice It Up: The Phil and Teds Dash Adds Something Extra

By Maura Keating

dash_redIsn’t it amazing when you feel like someone is listening? It’s nice to think that your kids are listening to what you’re saying, or your husband. At least your friends listen to you . . . don’t they? But companies? Not very often. And yet, Phil and Ted’s must be listening. Last year, I reviewed the Phil and Ted’s Sport double stroller. I really liked it, and only had a few issues with it. This year, when we told Phil and Ted’s that we were reviewing double strollers, they offered to send their new Dash stroller. And, wow. The Dash fixes and even improves upon every issue that I had with the Sport. They’re really listening!

Let’s start with basics: Like the Sport, the Phil and Ted’s Dash Stroller is an inline stroller– a bunk bed on wheels. The Dash is a single stroller with a double attachment that is sold separately. The double attachment can be attached on the top when Baby is newborn and lies flat in the main stroller. When Baby gets bigger and can sit up, Baby and the double attachment moves to the bottom of the stroller. The heavier child must ride in the Dash’s main seat. When the main seat is reclined for Baby, you can attach a clear vinyl window that offers protection from wind or drizzle while enabling you to see Baby. While the Sport’s window attached with Velcro that never quite stayed put, the Dash uses a system of toggles and loops that is intuitive and practical.

The Dash is more “cush” than the Sport and that extra bit of padding is appreciated by my kids. Both seats recline. The main seat reclines flat and the double seat features a slight recline–just enough for my nap-happy daughter. The seat belts have also been improved for the Dash. The Sport required four different clips to fasten each child. The Dash still has a padded five-point harness, but attaches with only two easy-to-use clips. The ride is great. With pneumatic wheels and very good suspension, the Dash can handle almost any terrain. In the city, going over curbs and potholes is no problem. The Dash has a nice turning radius.

The brake was the biggest problem that I had with Phil and Ted’s Sport stroller. The earlier version had issues with kids releasing the brakes with their hands. The brake on the ’08 Sport was so tight, that I could barely release it myself. For the Dash, they came up with a dynamic idea: put the brake on the handle. The brake is easily applied by pressing two buttons on either side of the handle, then pushing the handle down. It’s not a one-handed operation, but that’s a minor quibble. The handle brake also interferes with anything that you might want to put on the handlebar–like a parent organizer for those of you who must have a cup holder. The ergonomic handlebar is adjustable for height.

The Dash’s canopy is slightly larger than the canopy on the Sport, but it still does not extend to fully cover the rider up front and there is still no shade for the rider below. A peek-a-boo window lets you check in on the main seat. The plastic foot bed (the Sport’s was cloth) seems very durable and was easy to clean. My toddler had no problems using it to get in and out. The storage basket is on the small side. If you are using the stroller as a double, then the storage basket turns into a foot rest. Phil and Ted’s sells pannier baskets that you can add to the sides of the stroller to gain more storage for your things and if you’ve got two kids, then you’ve got things. The Dash collapses intuitively and quite easily. The stroller automatically locks for quick exits. Best of all, the Dash can be collapsed with the Doubles Kit still attached.

The Dash is certainly dashing. With its compact design and thoughtful, effortless features, it is no problem to get out of the door with the Dash. Phil and Ted’s has made having two kids almost, well . . . easy.

The Details:
Phil and Ted’s Dash Stroller, $549.99. Doubles Kit, $99.99. To find a Dash near you, click on the “Stockists” link at http://www.philandteds.com

Will It Fit In My Car*?: Folded dimensions (wheels off): 30″L 20″W 9″H; Stroller Weight: 23 lbs.
Will It Fit Out My Door?*: Assembled dimensions: 24″W
Weight Limit: Main Seat Weight Limit: 55 lbs., Double Kit (Front) Weight Limit: 44 lbs.; Double Kit (Back) Weight Limit: 33 lbs.
Color Palette: Red, Black, and Black Graffiti

*Information provided by manufacturer

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Phil and Ted’s provided a review sample for this article. Neither the author nor Kidoinfo has received any monetary compensation for this review and we have no undisclosed relationship with the Phil and Teds company.

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