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Start Your Own Rainy Day Closet

Img 0603-1Erin, Kidoinfo’s “It’s a Date” writer, recently wrote about her rainy day closet. I have never really had a closet, more of a bag–stashed in the back of a closet–with a few activity books, extra craft supplies, and recent yard sale / thrift store finds that will be “new” to the boys and thus usually fun for them on inclement weather days. I love Erin’s list of things she keeps in her closet; like “Mama’s mystery box–filled with bubble wrap and various odds n’ ends, lacing cards, puppets and a bunny that even plays “Singing in the Rain.”

Read the complete list of what’s in Erin’s very organized “rainy day” closet on her blog. Tell us what you keep stashed away, ready to pull out on a rainy (or bad ozone) day.

Photo Credit: Erin Barrette Goodman

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  • This idea is awesome! I love it. I wish I had access to a cupboard like this today. I ALSO love seeing the before & after photos on Erin’s blog–almost makes me feel as if I’ve cleaned up my own rainy day stash.

    My rainy day supplies include: puzzle books (like dot-to-dot), glitter glue, construction paper, egg cartons, and some new to us jigsaw puzzles (Saver’s) we haven’t done yet. Unfortunately this is found in various locations: the pantry, the top of the fridge, the boiler room–it’s very unappealing to dig it out.