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Stay cool – it’s a heat day!

While we usually think of Snow Days closing schools in the Northeast, today, it’s a Heat Day!

Get your feet in some water, drink water, eat ice cream, eat watermelon, go to the movies – bottom line – stay cool and think of snow.

Turn to 10 – School Closings (click here)

Serious info about Extreme Heat Risks from FEMA (click here)

National Weather Service Warnings (click here)

RI Health Dept – Heat Recommendations (click here)


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  • We spent the heat day at 3rd Beach in Middletown–took our kids out of school. It was very comfortable there. I guess it is obvious to go to the beach when it’s hot, but I often choose instead to hang out in some air conditioning, thinking the beach might be too sunny. Just wanted to throw that out there.