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StoryCorps Visits Rhode Island

Mobilebooth-Thumb-1My kids and I are big storytelling fans. The ritual of storytelling started when my boys were babies. My husband and I (or visiting relatives) often read to them from a book during the day and at bedtime, but my husband and I also like to tell our kids stories. Sometimes we fabricate the story and sometimes we retell parts of our family history. As the boys have gotten older, they understand more and more of the stories about our family. They are fascinated by the world that happened before they were born or that includes family members they know. I believe it is important to retell these stories of our family to keep their memories alive as the stories pass from generation to generation.

StoryCorps is a national project, affiliated with National Public Radio, to instruct and inspire people to record one another’s stories in sound. Their traveling recording studio, called MobileBooth, is coming to Providence from June 7—30 to record the stories of Rhode Islanders. They will be at Burnside Park, across from Kennedy Plaza in downtown Providence, collecting the community’s stories and, ultimately, preserving those stories at the American Folklife Center at the Library of Congress.

If you want to participate in the official StoryCorps:
Starting May 15, the general public is invited to reserve times for interviews. Call 1-800-850-4406 or visit www.storycorps.net to make a reservation.

Make your own unofficial StoryCorps with your kids:
Help your kids learn about their own family history. Have your kids interview you, their grandparents or other family members.

The StoryCorps website has a do-it-yourself guide to help you record an oral history interview on your own for your personal records. Read tips about what recording equipment you will need, how to interview, and review their interview checklist.

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