Strawberry love…10 ways to eat fresh strawberries.

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After picking over 9 lbs of strawberries at Four Town Farm this week, my youngest son and I came up with ten ways to enjoy our strawberries.

1. As is. Hold stem and eat berries by the handful.
2. Sliced on top of yogurt. Optional extras: Add other fruits, shaved chocolate.

3. Frozen pops. The farm stand suggested mixing the berries with vanilla yogurt. Pour into dixie cup, insert popsicle stick, freeze. (Click here for recipe.)
4. Smoothie. There are many ways to make one. Blend berries (frozen works best) with milk or yogurt and fresh juice. Although I found many recipes included sugar or honey as an ingredient, I prefer sweetness from the fresh fruit or vanilla yogurt. (Click here for recipe.)
5. Strawberry Jam. We have made ours the traditional way. (Click here for recipe.) This year I may try my friend’s simple freezer jam. (Click here for recipe.)
6. Smashed. This morning my son and I could not wait to eat our fresh picked berries. No time to make jam, we smashed our berries in a bowl with a fork and spread them on our morning toast.

7. Tossed in a salad. Toss together strawberries, blackberries, cherry tomatoes, red onions, mixed greens, toasted walnuts, goat cheese and vinaigrette dressing. (Click here for recipe.)
8. Strawberry shortcake. Sandwich strawberries between baked biscuits and whipped cream. (Click here for recipe.)
9. Chocolate covered. The title says it all. (Click here for recipe.)
10.  Strawberry pie. Make a pie with strawberries as the featured fruit or blend with other berries or mixed with rhubarb. (Click here for recipe.)

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  1. Elyse Major elyse says:

    mmmmm! all of your ideas sound delish. my new fave: in pancakes!!!

  2. Amy Hood amy says:

    Love strawberries. My kids usually eat them as is. I blended strawberry yogurt with frozen strawberries and froze it in our popsicle mold (which is just the cutest thing, they’re star shaped; I adore them!). I’m assuming they’re good. I haven’t actually gotten my hands on one yet before they’re gone!

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