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2015 Summer Writing Course for Teens


Calling writers, ages 13-17! Frequency Writers is launching its first teen workshop, open to writers of all levels and genres.

Spend a month creating, experimenting, and playing on paper. Write seriously—and have your writing be taken seriously. This workshop will be taught by two of RI’s most dynamic and committed writers, Franny Choi and Kate Schapira. Thanks to the generosity of these instructors, this workshop is pay-what-you-can. Frequency Writers’ suggest $100, but they are committed to letting every interested teen writer take it, therefor they are offering a limited number of full scholarships.

Part 1: A New Spelling of My Name
Who gave us our names? How does society define us? How do we begin to name and define ourselves? Part 1 of this course leads participants through a series of prompts, games, and exercises centered around identity, selfhood, and power. We’ll rant and rave, question and critique, experiment and play.

Part 2: Invisible Cities
What if you were in charge of everything in the world? In this portion of the class, you’ll design a society, community or culture and write a story about it or a plan for building it. We’ll also read about and discuss deliberately constructed societies, both fictional ones and ones that people have really tried to make and live in–some science fiction, some proposals, some real-life documents. What do societies or communities need in order to function? To function well? What can we learn about our own world by inventing others, and by looking at worlds that other people have invented and tried to build? The class will include some full-group and small-group discussions and activities to think about the reading, develop your design for “your” society, and help you write your story or plan.

INSTRUCTORS: Franny Choi and Kate Schapira
DATES: Tuesdays and Thursdays, July 28th-August 20th.
TIME: 10:00am-12pm
WHERE: 186 Carpenter Street
Tuition: Sliding scale $50 – $100, or pay what you can. Scholarships available too.
Click here to register.

About Frequency
Frequency is a growing community of writers based in Providence, Rhode Island. Through workshops, free events, talks, readings, and open mics, we aim to engage writers of all levels of experience, ages, and backgrounds. Our courses are designed both to challenge and support students, while also encouraging collaboration with other local creative communities. Frequency is a moving creation of the people in it.

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